Create a Fulfilling Lifestyle and a Bright Future

I love helping my clients reach their wildest-most-daring dreams, excellence, and their best performance, especially during high-stress situations where it matters (sporting competitions, presentations, public talks, exams). I am teaching how to transform fear and self-doubt into a state of positive adrenaline and confidence, how to consciously get into “The Zone” of top performance/focus, whenever required.

I’m a professional athlete myself (champion and national record holder in 3 sports: Kickboxing, Olympic weightlifting, and Powerlifting – in Croatia and Western Australia), personal trainer, presenter, and owner of tourist apartments in Split, Croatia.

Image of Milijana de Mori
Image of Milijana de Mori
Image of Milijana de Mori

I work with clients worldwide in English, Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian, and German (online and face-to-face).

I’m a former war refugee, a fat child that was bullied, a sufferer of bulimia (for 13 years) and I had super low self-esteem.

I firmly believe real-life results are the loudest arguments and I’m proud to demonstrate that I’ve overcome my problems, fears, and eating disorder, but still know that continual growth and work on myself is an important step towards growth … Now I teach from a place of “I’ve been there and am happy to guide you to overcome it too!”

Another important field of my work is Transformation and Results Coaching – releasing traumas from abuse, phobias, fears, addictions, eating disorders, and blockages.

– clarity and courage to go after their goals and reach them (real-life results),
– best results during competitions/presentations,
– a sense of freedom from the past (neutralising trauma and any negative emotion/memory that leaves them feeling lighter, happier).

Performance coaching * Trauma resolution * Life coach * Mind coach * NLP HNLP Master Practitioner * Personal training * Nutrition * Diet * Eating disorders resolution * Addiction resolution * Confidence building * Public speaking